The Church of What's Happening Now: With Joey Coco Diaz

Joey and Lee talk about Thanksgivng, Marvin Gaye, and Football on another Sunday gambling addition. Danny B calls back in and tells stories about his brother and also seeing Amare Stodamire. We also have our first podcast with two calls. Joey's friend Jimmy calls in. Jimmy was the person who orignally convinced Joey to move to Colorado.

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Streamed live on 11/25/2012

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Happy Thanksgiving! Joey and Lee talk about a dream Joey had, Joey getting way too high, and Rodney Dangerfield. An amazing call from Alex, Joey's roommate in the halfway house makes for an amazing podcast.

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Streamed live on 11/21/2012

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Joey is back from a weekend in Arizona. Joey talks about his feelings on immigrants speaking English, the situation in Israel, and weight loss. Speaking of weight loss Mike Dolce of the Dolce Diet calls in. Check out his holiday recipe book and his website the Also check out our sponsor, maker of Alpha Brain, new Mood and much much more. Use the code "Church" for a special discount.


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Joey and Lee talk about the upcoming anniversary of Joey kidnapping the guy with a machine gun. They also talk about dating, thank you notes, and the reason why Joey picks some movies over others. The Machine, Bert Kreischer joins us on the podcast today. Dont miss it.

Streamed live on 11/15/2012 

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It's Monday bitches! Get it together. Joey and Lee talk about cleanliness, and the movie, "The Thief." Comedian Josh Wolf calls in for one of the most entertaining calls we've had so far. Its no wonder Joey wont go back to Seattle.

Streamed live on 11/12/2012

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Joey and Lee talk about his trips to Chicago and San Diego, Joey's regret about not joining the armed forces, and Music from the Santana Brothers. Joeys friend, also named Joey, calls back to talk about reading his dad's name at the Vietnam memorial and to tell North Bergen Stories.

Recorded live on 11/11/12

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Joey and Lee talk about the election, tattoos, weight loss and much more. George from MMA junkie calls in to talk about health and give some UFC picks. Hear where network tv was 25 years ago.

Streamed live on 11/07/2012

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Joey and Lee are back. Joey talks about losing his dear friend Marilyn, the movie Once Upon a Time in the West, and some of the famous singers the Joey cannot stand. Joey's friend Mike calls in to talk about elections in North Bergen.

Streamed live on 11/05/2012

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Joey and Lee talk about the recent tragedy on the East Coast and what it means for Obama. And Joey's friend Loubs calls in with the update from North Bergen.  Finally, Lee's most uncomfortable moment in life caught on tape. Words cannot describe what takes place.

Streamed live on 10/31/2012

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Joey and Lee talk about Michael Vick, getting more from your life, and the movie Angel Heart. Joey's friend Jim calls in. He was Joey's boss at Boulder Toyota and taught him about writing down goals every day.

Streamed live on 10/19/2012

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