The Check In

Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt laugh talking about that night Joey had to threaten a homeless man's dog, how Joey finally figured out how to Google, Joey's never ending search to cure the fungi toenail, and some of his favorite drug dealers. Joey also tells Lee about his first bomb since starting stand up again and why it made him love standup more.

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Joey Diaz tells Lee Syatt about his recent trip to Austin to be on The JRE and the fight companion with Joe Rogan, Eddie Bravo and Brendan Schaub. Joey tells Lee about how he got introduced to smelling salts and what happened the first time he smelled them. Joey also schools Lee on writing and how to deal with hecklers.

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Joey Diaz covers a lot with Lee Syatt on this week's Check In including setting a trash can on fire at work, the early days on the road with Joe Rogan, Ari Shaffir, Duncan Trussell, and Redban, what hell is for a comedian, Lee's first time making someone cry at a comedy show, and much more. 

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This week on The Check In, Joey Diaz tells Lee about the experiences, good and bad, he has had doing open mics, his thoughts on Katt Williams, Jo Koy, and what he used to dream about. Lee asks Joey about his first time working in Las Vegas and Joey get's in Lee's head.

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Welcome to 2024! Joey and Lee talk about Joey's ongoing 40 year war with a magician from Aspen, Joey getting ready to do open mics, and comedy on New Years Eve.

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